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Dear ENTER-partners,

Unfortunately, due to the Corona-virus epidemic, the ENTER Study days in Bern (planned from April 6-8, 2020) will be canceled and postponed to Spring 2021. Bern University of Applied Sciences, host of the study days, made this difficult, but appropriate institutional decision.

Hotel reservations that you made in according to the ENTER registration procedure, have been cancelled today. No costs will be charged. If you made a private reservation, please attend to cancel it yourself.

If you need an official institutional letter on behalf of Bern University of Applied Sciences, that you can use as notification to cancel your flight, train and self-made hotel reservations and to involve your cancellation insurance, please send an email to dominique.herren(at) . He will make an effort as soon as possible to organize such a letter, which is owing at the moment.

Never before in the existence of ENTER,  the biennial study days have been postponed. As you know the study days take place every two years. The general assembly, terms and elections of the board are connected to this structure. As the study days will be postponed to 2021, the board proposes to hold its position for a year longer. The ENTER Statues allow this approach in cases of force-majeure, unforeseen circumstances. In case that you do not agree, you can contact us. In that case, please send an email to Beate Kralicek (beate.kralicek(at) or Jan-Willem Noom (j.noom(at) by March 20, 2020.

We feel very sorry about this decision, after a year of preparatory work. But we hope to meet each other again in 2021! The new dates will be announced as soon as the Corona epidemic will be under international control.


Bern University of Applied Sciences & ENTER-board








European Network of Learning and Teaching in Agriculture and Rural Development


It is a European association of educational institutions in the field of teacher training for secondary and higher vocational schools of agriculture, forestry, horticulture and related subjects.

ENTER was founded in 2002 as a result of a merger of REIFEA and IPAC the former Western and Eastern networks in agricultural (teacher) education.

The founding institutes have decided to join on an international level in order to develop their scientific and pedagogical cooperation in initial and in/service teacher training.

ENTER is an exchange platform for professional experience, knowledge, skills, methods in green, rural, agricultural and forestry education and research.


The main aims are

  • To support the improvement of teaching and learning processes in agricultural rural and environmental education
  • To develop knowledge and understanding about educational agricultural systems within Europe
  • To share, develop and promote teaching methods and strategies through European teacher training
  • To impulse innovation in the agricultural training system in order to modernize curricular and extra/curricular activities, teaching objectives and contents in the context of rural development
  • To encourage and facilitate bilateral and multilateral exchanges of trainees, teachers and trainers
  • To facilitate projects´ development


To achieve these aims the network develops

  • Scientific and thematic study meetings
  • Educational experimentation
  • Action research
  • Student teachers´ and trainers´ exchanges
  • Common courses
  • Common projects
  • Exchange of experts


To become a member of ENTER, please click here



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