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Cordoba 2008


Beyond the educational zoo. Authentic learning and teaching in a green world.

Wout van den Bor, Educational Group North, Groningen, The Netherlands


A new paradigm for agriculture and the rural world.

Jose Emilio Guerrero Ginel, University of Cordova, Spain.

Session 1


"Learning field concept" as a new way of structuring vocational education on the field of agriculture in Germany.

Manfred Bräuer, Humboldt-University of Berlin, Germany.


One of concepts of Structuring extension EducationNew concepts of Structuring Vocational Education in Europe.

Tetyana Kalna-Dubinyuk, National Agricultural University of Ukraine.


Learning and teaching for a sustainable living. Examples of environmental Education in Austrian Schools.

Birgit Karre, University College for Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy, Vienna.


Evaluation of the Teaching Process at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague.

Ivan Miller and Daniel Frank, Institute of Education and Communication, Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague.


The development of competences at vocational schools by using action systematically curricula.

Kerstin Wackwitz

Session 2


Using the method of mind mappingin the Institute of Education and Communication of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague.

Marie Hanusova


Teaching practice of bachelors - teachers of industrial education.

Emil Kríz, Institute of Education and Communication, CULS Prague, Czech Republic


New conception of teacher training at the level of Agricultural Vocational schools at Humbolt-University.

Karin Schmidt, Agricultural and Horticultural Didactics, Germany


ENTER, its history, present and challenges for future.

Milan Slavik


Transition from the Soviet teaching methods to modern European according to the Bologna Process.

Asea Timus, Tatiana Gorea


Session 3

Distance and Traditional Education: problems of Compatibility in Ukraine; Searching efficient new ways for teaching and learning arrangements.

Suzanna Kamilova


The way of Integration of Key Competences and Education for Entrepreneurship into the field-specific didactics.

Pavel Krpálek, Institute of Education and Communication, Czech University of Life and Sciences, Prague.


Self-Steered Learning by using new Media in Technical Lessons at the higher Vocational School of Horticulture.

Michael Martin, Union for Education Workers, Berlin Institute of Technology.


Social climate in the Classroom.

Jana Mikulcová, Drahomina Oudová.


One of the Ways of Support for Rural Development via three-side training.

Armen Vanyan, Deputy Director, RESCAD project, Yerevan, Armenia.

Session 4

IFAPA in the European project Teachers Mobility EMMA.

Calderón Zaragoza E., Muñoz Espejo M.L., Arenas F.J., Garcia Bernal J.P., Fayos A., Garcia C., and Ortiz Berrocal F. Andalusian Institute for Research and Training in Agricultural, Food, Fisheries and Environment (IFAPA).


ICT Teachers competencies and related Problems.

Jirí Husa, Institute of Education and Communication, CULS Prague.


The problem solving Methods to Support Teacher's life long learning.

Michel Vidal, SupAgro Florac, France