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Information on the EXPERT GROUP


The ENTER network started to offer this service after the Study Days in Cordoba in 2008. It was founded to share knowledge and expertise besides the biennial conferences


If your institution decides to make use of this offer and invites a guest lecturer or advisor on curricular issues or other projects, please take into account the following points:


  • The contribution of the expert is free of charge.
  • Accommodation and food is offered by the member host.
  • Travel expenses for the expert are paid by ENTER. The global amount of reimbursement will be defined every year by the board which will prioritise, if necessary. Concerning the amount please get in touch with the general secretary (currently Beate Kralicek).
  • Tools and material brought by the expert are free.
  • A clear request from the host institution must be addressed to the Head of the Institution of the expert. Please state the exact dates of arrival and departure.
  • The request has to be signed by the rector/director of the demanding institution and addressed to the rector/director of the expert. E.g. Ms. Maria Huber, c/o Rector M. Bauer, address.
  • The field of expertise has to be clearly and concretely defined.
  • A report of the beneficiary and the expert will be published on the website.

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